Open Air


Inspired by the image of capturing breath in a jar, we visualize and hear what is contained within that breath-filled glass. Through a collaborative process with PASJ alumni and students, we explore what is contained, released, and therefore shared in our breath. Through spoken word, music, and movement we emphasize the history, perspective, and knowledge held in every breath we take.

We examine the questions “When do we preserve and release our breath?”, “Why do we choose to do so?, and “What is shared when we do?”. Breath representing life and our ability to express.

Notes from the Creators

The cast has been integral in the creation of Open Air. As the audience we hope you witness their individual contributions, creativity, and breath of inspiration. As the facilitators of this process, we are beyond impressed with their willingness to make honest art and share space with each other. To the cast, thank you. 

This year we’ve been asked to contain our breath, for the safety of others and loved ones. And so much of our experience of art is about sharing our breath to express and reveal, while also holding space for others to breathe. We invite you to do as we have done in this process. Breathe in a way that protects our loved ones, hold space for others to breathe, and breathe honestly and openly.


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