Art & Incarceration: Open Class & Timeline

Open Class: Wednesday, April 27th, 6-8 pm

This semester University of San Francisco students (outside artists) collaborated through email with artists incarcerated in the Central California Women’s Facility (inside artists).  Over 12 weeks, we have built relationships, discussed mass incarceration, prison abolition, trauma, and healing.  Performances/videos, directed and shaped by the inside students' stories, poems, photos, and drawings, will be presented virtually on Wednesday, April 27th. There will be an opportunity for dialogue and connection. The showing will begin at 6 pm and run for approximately 2 hours. We understand that you may not be able to stay for the entire event.  Please join us for as much time as you are able.

Here is the zoom link:


The Performing Arts and Community Exchange, PACE class, offered since 2007, strives to develop a collective process of creative and political change where 'inside' and 'outside' artists are working side by side to address the legacies of racism, white supremacy, and mass incarceration.  Numerous scholars and artists have shaped the class over the years - PACE would not have been possible without the care, labor, and insights of Dr. Reggie Daniels, Reyna Brown, Rayvon Williamson, Freddy Gutierrez, Calina Lawrence, Elle Jansen, Nicky Martinez, Kalea Francesca, Emile DeWeaver and the inside and outside students. 

This timeline shows a small portion of the creative and activist work that has been undertaken over the years. We invite you to read and watch and take direct action on current legislation and efforts on our collaborators' behalf for commutation.  Thank you for your interest, support, and time. 

Note:  The timeline is shown in 3d as default, but you can press the 2d button on the lower left for another navigational view

Direct Action you can take now: 

1. Stop CCWF Outbreak
2. LWOP (Life Without Parole) Ways to Help
3. Survived & Punished
4. Breathe Act