PASJ Open Mic

PASJ 20th Anniversary Open Mic was presented on April 30th 2021,  featuring work from Nicole Adelski, Mikayla Brown, Bex Brzostoski, Isa Crescini Williams, Paul Flores, Chris Francis, Elena Freiwald, Justin Jairam, Julianna King, Lexi McNinch, Sarah Medley, Edna Miroslava Raia, Dave Pangaro, Serena Pickett, Audrey Walker, Kelli Westad, and Valerie Zarate Diaz.


See below for playlist with each piece.

Hosted by Paul Flores

Co-Produced by Kelli Westad and Ken Sonkin

Stage Manager, House Dow

Production Manager, Beth Hersh

APS Festival Co-Producer, Byron Au Yong

APS Festival Co-Producer, Whyler Neubauer


This event is part of the PASJ 20th Anniversary Festival.

Open Mic flyer