Presentation Theater: Limited Opening!


Presentation Theater is the center of arts and culture at USF. This beautiful neo-gothic building serves as the hub of all student performances and events. Built in the 1930’s, the space has served many thousands in the USF community during its 90 year history. With your support, Presentation Theater will become a symbol of innovative education, where students and faculty can come together to create and share with the USF community and the world. 


Performance spaces are the face of an institution. Here, students, faculty, alumnae, parents, community members, and leaders come together to expand their hearts and minds through the university’s diverse offerings. A creative redesign of the space that preserves its history while modernizing and simplifying its use will allow the university to optimize these interactions. The goal is to provide all constituents with a quality experience that showcases Jesuit education at its best.

Why Your Support is Important

Transforming Presentation Theater into a modern, multi-purpose space will create opportunities for students to develop performance, technical and leadership skills, and engagements with the broader community that will allow them to integrate their learning and prepare for careers in multiple fields. Our goal is for Presentation Theater to be a space for the creative exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing, and public performance and discourse.


My favorite thing [about Presentation Theater] was the ability to work with professionals in the field, including technical designers and a costume designer who works all over the Bay Area."

Allison Collins '17

Theater spaces are the original maker spaces, from before the delineation of Science and Art, Engineers and Designers. It is the space where all people can learn to create together."

Joshua McDermott, Director of Performance Spaces