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Book A Space


We are here to help you have a great event.  Please take care to read all that is in these pages and follow the steps so that we can best support you. 

First: Read about the venue options we have available. (Studio Theater and Presentation Theater)  Feel free to email me at to check which venue might be best, and what dates might be available.

Second: Read and agree to the Policies & Agreements for use of the space. 

Third: Fill out the form below and be sure to elaborate on your time and date needs in the "Describe your Event" box at the bottom.  Once you hear back from us that the event is approved  (*Note- its NOT approved nor booked until we give that confirmation) then you need to also book with Events Management and Guest Services to make sure you are on the calendar officially by using the EMS system in the QUICK LINKS to the right  This is very important to do to so we do not have double bookings and you get the support you need for your event to be successful. 

If you have further questions or please feel free to contact USF STAGES as listed on the sidebar.  


Booking Rules

Space(s) Being Requested
Due to Renovations Presentation Theater is closed to bookings for 2019/2020
Can only be booked in concert with Presentation Theater but is open every day with your USF ID
80-100 seat black box theater
Can only be booked in concert with Studio Theater
To access props for your show or build your own
To access wardrobe or build costumes
For building scenic and props *Note* special training is needed for this space
more items
List possible Pre-Production meeting dates and times
more items
Request Rehearsal Space
more items
Add all start and end dates and times: mm/dd/yy 12:00pm - mm/dd/yy 1:00pm
Venue Usage (Breakdowns and Pricing please refer to Booking Rules)
A fully produced event that has a high level of production and design elements with a major impact on the venue, associated spaces, and staffing over multiple days and nights. These events will include extensive technical rehearsals.
A produced event that has a limited level of production, and uses primarily repertory lighting, scenic, and other design elements as well as a limited impact on the venue and associated spaces and may be for one or more nights but no longer than 1 week. These events may have limited technical rehearsals.
A one day or night event that may or may not have one short technical run through before the event. These events are the best cost value, but require the most from the producers themselves
A standard use which included no technical support in the space. This includes class recitals, rehearsals, lectures, and presentations that are appropriate to the space. SymArts provides no staff support for these uses, but will maintain the spaces to be clean and ready for such use.
Please explain
Will you need to use the STAGES lighting equipment?
Will you be having any musicians?
Please submit a rough ground plan or sketch of your event to Joshua McDermott at