Black lives matter banner

USF STAGES is working on how we can help support and promote Black Lives Matter and other explicitly anti-racist movements and actions.  Please email us if you need support for your event: we have equipment, knowledge, and hours we can contribute.   

In addition we pledge to prioritize anti-racist events and productions for all our programming and scheduling. 


As part of the College of Arts and Sciences, USF STAGES is excited to open up the performing arts and arts maker spaces to the USF community.  These pages are here to help you navigate getting involved, booking a space and obtaining the trainings to get your arts and culture event produced.

These pages are a guide and no booking will be confirmed without an in-person meeting to discuss and work out questions and make any necessary clarifications.  If you have questions prior to booking, you are encourages to contact STAGES staff as listed on the sidebar to the right.  


Presentation Theater is currently closed for renovations