Activities & Services

Here are some of the activities and services offered at the University of San Francisco.

Conversation Partner Program

Register for the Conversation Partner Program during the fall and spring semesters. Each AEM student who wants to participate is matched with a native English speaker who is a USF student, staff member, or faculty member. Conversation partners meet regularly throughout the semester, approximately once a week, and talk about anything they want. The Conversation Partner program offers AEM students and native English speakers the opportunity to learn about each other's countries and cultures. AEM students can practice their English communication skills and learn about U.S. culture and college life. Native speakers of English can learn about another country, another culture, and perhaps practice their foreign language skills. 

USF Facilities and On-campus Events

AEM students have use of all USF facilities such as the Gleeson Library, computer labs, and on-campus events. Students receive a USF identification card which allows them to check out books in the library and use other campus facilities. Students can attend lectures, sporting events, movies, performances and other events held on campus. If there is a charge, students receive a discount.

Gleeson Library | Geschke Center

AEM students have full access and borrowing privileges to the Gleeson Library. The Gleeson Library has helpful resources and links for AEM students. View a list of AEM related websites and dictionaries.

Gleeson Library

USF Student Health Insurance Information

Find out everything you need to know about your health insurance and read answers to frequently asked questions.

Health Promotion Services

Koret Health and Recreation Center

USF Koret Center is a modern building with an olympic size swimming pool, weight room, exercise machines, and basketball courts. The Koret Center also has intramural sports teams. An intramural team is a team of individuals who simply want to play. Any student can be on an intramural team. These teams play over teams of USF students. The Koret Center also sponsors trips to sports games (e.g., professional baseball and football games), ski trips, river rafting trips, and other excursions. Students receive a discount.


International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) promotes a global perspective for the USF community through educational and programmatic outreach while fostering the holistic development of international students/scholars by providing support services and immigration advising.


Other Commonly Used Resources

The University of San Francisco offers such services as health services (St. Mary's Hospital Health Clinic), counseling (Counseling Center) and career counseling and assessment (Career Services Center).

Student Clubs and Events

There are many student clubs at the University of San Francisco and student sponsored events on campus. Individuals can make new friends and become involved in USF campus life through student clubs and student sponsored events.