Conversation Partner Program

All USF students, faculty, and staff that are fluent/native English speakers are welcome to apply. Conditionally admitted, undergraduate AEM (formerly ESL) students take priority for applying as Conversation Partners looking to improve their English. Full admitted international students and graduate students looking to improve their English will be placed on a waitlist and only matched if we have extra native/fluent English speakers available.

It is difficult for many international students to meet Americans with whom they can practice their English. Our international students are often very eager to learn more about American culture, student life, conversational phrases, slang, etc. Through the Conversation Partner Program, a native English speaker meets with an international student at least once a week to discuss topics of mutual interest.

The Conversation Partner Program is held every fall and spring semester. You can sign up for both semesters or only one semester.

During the semester, Conversation Partners can decide their own meeting times. Meetings will vary in time and place, depending on what is most convenient for you and your conversation partner. We ask that students meet at least once a week.

Please complete an application online or hardcopy and return it to the AEM Program in Kalmanovitz, 202. Conversation Partners will be matched according to available age, interests, particular language or country that you are interested in, we will try to accommodate your interests.

Yes. Each semester we hold an orientation session. During this 45 minute training session, you will meet your Conversation Partner and receive tips for working together.

Please visit the AEMĀ Conversation Partner ProgramĀ page for more information about the next orientation session.

No. Participation in the Conversation Partner Program is completely voluntary.