USF Releases Guidelines for Responsible Use of AI

In consultation with the Provost’s Office and the Office of the General Counsel, Information Technology Services has published guidelines for the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). These guidelines, which will be regularly reviewed and updated as this technology evolves, have been developed as a resource for all members of the USF community -- students, faculty, librarians, and staff.
Developed as USF continues to embrace technological advancements in the field of AI, particularly in the form of Generative AI (GenAI), the guidelines cover the appropriate use of GenAI within the university community, framed within the context of university policy and risk mitigation. The guidelines are aligned with USF academic principles and core university values.
The guidelines emphasize that students, faculty, librarians, and staff must also follow specific processes adopted by their individual schools, divisions, and units. Accompanying the guidelines is a list of materials and resources that can assist and enhance the community’s use of GenAI and related technologies.

Review the Guidelines