What is being written about the Peace Process?

UN appreciates progress in the peace process in Colombia and expects to end successfully

The United Nations has been following Colombia's Peace process closely and will continue to monitor the Truth Commission. 

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Carlos Ruiz Massieu, New chief of verification of the UN to the peace process

The Memory Center needs to be Respected: A Call to Social Organizations:

Vicente Torrijos resigned from the management of the National Center of Historical Memory-the article critical of Duque's government by those who, in the postulate for the Center's management, social organizations have asked Duque to create a committee of choice for the position Mario Javier Pacheco was the first candidate of the presidency for the position-who openly opposed the work of the Center Work of the center has been to bring to light the following figures: 82,998 forced disappearances that have been traced through the work of the Center (which exceeds 9 thousand in Chile and 30 thousand in Argentina)

2013 Memory Center published the report "Enough is enough!", One of the most robust investigations on the conflict so far ... the death toll in the context of the war was 262,197 and 39,058 registered kidnappings In the center, there are pending reports on paramilitarism in Colombia, which in my opinion makes it important to know that Duke does not want this report to come to light.

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What is the National Center of Historical Memory?

Vicente Torrijos resigns to be the Director Centro Memoria Memoria Colombia

'The Memory Center was infiltrated by the guerrillas', says his possible new director

Despite the false degree, Vicente Torrijos was appointed the director of the Memory Center:

This article criticizes the postulation of Vicente, saying that he has won several contracts saying that he is a doctor in international relations when he is not (he did not finish his doctorate-univ.) Del Rosario dismissed him for this, but the Duque government does not like him matter) He is also criticized for his closeness to the military sectors "The voices of the victims will lose weight if they do not fit their way of seeing the conflict. It would be, perhaps, a memory center for the military, not for the country "

False degree: this is not the most serious problem of the new director of the Memory Center

What are the rights of women two years after the signing of peace?

The National Summit of Women and Peace-launched a report on implementation with a gender approach, a report entitled: Balance to the implementation of the final peace agreement on women's rights.

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"Without the work of our female leaders, it is impossible to understand peace in Colombia"