Faculty Research

Faculty in the Department of Computer Science engage in a variety of research projects throughout the year. Below you will find information related to ongoing research projects and information on faculty-lead research labs.

Advanced Networks & Security Research Lab  

Professor(s): Vahab Pournaghshband

Algorithms & Game Theory Lab 

Professors(s): Haden Lee


Professor(s): Beste Yuksel


Professor(s): David Guy Brizan, Matthew Malensek
URL: http://magics.cs.usfca.edu/
The MAGICS LAB was founded in 2018 by Drs. Brizan (Computer Science), Intrevado (Data Science), and Malensek (Computer Science) at the University of San Francisco. This group meet weekly with undergraduate and graduate students to work on applied research.


Professor(s): Sophie Engle, Alark Joshi
URL: https://vgl.cs.usfca.edu/
The VGL lab is a group of faculty and students that discuss and collaborate on research in the data visualization and graphics fields. They also teach several classes, sponsor projects and directed studies, and host speakers.