About MAPL

Welcome to the MA in Public Leadership program! Designed specifically for veterans and military families — but open to anyone interested in public service — the Master of Arts in Public Leadership is a 32-credit program designed to provide students the skills to succeed in public office, congressional affairs, campaign management, advocacy, and civic leadership. The hybrid curriculum combines online learning with five intensive weekend seminars.

Students in the MA in Public Leadership program will:

  • Demonstrate advanced skills in writing, research, statistics, analysis, and oral presentation suitable for political and policy professionals
  • Comprehend theoretical models and concepts of democratic participation and accountability, as well as current policy challenges, and demonstrate the capacity to apply these lessons in real-world settings
  • Apply knowledge gained in the classroom to various political settings in the community
  • Understand the nature of political power, mechanisms for aggregating interests, and how to influence the process in an ethical manner
  • Interact with politicians as well as professionals from fields including campaigns, advocacy, community organizing, strategic communications, public policy, and public service