Frequently Asked Questions

You can register for classes online by following these step by step instructions and referring to the appropriate academic plan for your enrollment date. You can always reach out to the MAPL Program Manager Madeline Meininger at for advising assistance.

Please review the MA in Public Leadership Academic Calendar. This calendar contains important dates for future semesters, breaks, and intersessions. You can also add these dates to your Google Calendar.

Annual In-Person Requirements

  Fall Semester (4 total days) Spring Semester (4 total days) Summer Term (3 total days)
1-Credit Class Weekend in August in DC or Mon-Tues in October in SF Weekend in January in DC or Th-F in March in SF Weekend in June in SF
Hybrid Sessions Weekend in October in SF Weekend in March in SF Monday in June in SF

Sessions held in the same month/city are held over consecutive days.

Please refer to your welcome email from Program Manager Madeline Meininger, as well as the academic plans available on this website. You can also schedule a time to speak with Madeline about any advising questions. 

View instructions for how to register for classes

Your myUSF account will give you access to the USF network, your USF email, and other services. You'll use your account to make your enrollment deposit, register for classes, access online Canvas courses, and more.

It is important for you to regularly check your USF email account. Important information will be sent to this email address. You should plan to check it regularly, add it to your mobile email app, or have the emails forwarded to an address you check more frequently.

Log into myUSF and click on the Student tab. Click on the 'Click Here' button in the Student Self Service area, and then click on the 'Addresses and Phones' link.

All USF students are issued a university photo ID card called a USF One Card. A USF One Card is an important part of campus life and acts as a key card to access all campus buildings, including academic halls, the library, and the student gym.

You must submit a photo to your OneCard account, then access the card by mobile app. OneCard will allow you access to university buildings during the intersessions in San Francisco. 

1. Upload a photo to your OneCard account

  • Pick a recent color photograph of yourself facing directly towards the camera and showing your entire head and shoulders. No sunglasses or hats allowed, and no group photos. Save the photo as a JPG or JPEG. Your photo will be rejected if it is black and white, blurry, off-center, facing sideways, too close, too far, etc.
  • Log in to One Card Online using your myUSF username and password
  • Click on "Submit ID Photo" on the menu
  • Click "Upload Photo" and submit your photo

After submitting your photo, you'll receive an email letting you know if your photo was approved. If your photo is rejected, you will be asked to submit a new one.

2. Get your mobile One Card

Learn how to access your mobile USF One Card on iOS or Android.

USF One Card Office
University Center, 5th floor
2130 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94117
Tel: (415) 422-7663, Fax: (415) 422-6664

You can always find your CWID by logging into MyUSF > Banner Self-Service (Student) > Student tab > Student Records > Academic Transcript. The ID number is listed as the CWID at the top of the page.

The easiest way to submit official transcripts is to order a digital copy from your undergraduate institution and have them deliver the transcript electronically to the USF College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Admissions office. If an email address is required, please use

You may also mail your official, sealed Bachelor's degree transcript and proof of Bachelor's degree conferral (unless stated on your transcript) to the address below before your program begins. If you have not completed your Bachelor's degree at the time of admission, please mail an official transcript once you have proof of degree conferral. If you have mailed your official transcript, check the status of your transcript on your online application account. It will show as "Received (Official)" when it has been verified by our office. We only require your Bachelor's degree transcript. Please do not send community college, transfer courses, or graduate coursework transcripts.

University of San Francisco
Office of Graduate Programs
College of Arts and Sciences
Kalmanovitz Hall, Room 102
2130 Fulton St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

You will not be permitted to register for your second semester classes until your official transcript has been received and verified. As stated in the online application, USF reserves the right to rescind admission based upon official documents received or not received.

In some cases, the MAPL program is referred to as an online program due to the remote structure of some classes. However, this is a hybrid program with required in-person sessions.

Graduate students not living in USF housing and admitted for the fall semester must submit proof by August 15 at 5 pm. Students not living in USF housing and admitted for the spring semester must submit proof by January 15 at 5 pm. Failure to submit the immunization records by the deadlines will result in a $100 fine and registration hold. You can find further information on HPS's Immunization Resource Page.

The requirement went into effect at the start of the fall semester on Aug. 23, 2022.

USF is partnering with Med+Proctor to track proof of vaccination. If you have received one or both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, please submit the results through Med+Proctor.

With proper documentation, USF will accept medical exemptions and religious and/or personal beliefs exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine requirement. Once exemptions are submitted, they will be reviewed and the student will be notified if it's approved or not for the 2024-2025 academic year. If approved, students will be required to complete weekly testing through USF. If you'd like an exemption form please email the Director of Health Promotion Services, Natalie Townsend at to request the appropriate exemption form. For more information, please see USF's Covid-19 resources page

The Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.

Privacy of Records:

Under federal law, students' records (including grades, GPA, class schedule, tuition and billing records, and more) cannot be disclosed to any third-party, even parents or spouses, without the written authorization of the student (some exceptions apply). To learn more about your FERPA rights, go to

Student Consent to Release Information:

Students who wish to allow a third-party (parents, siblings, etc.) to view their education records must submit a form authorizing the access. Access can be granted to academic records, tuition and billing records, and/or financial aid records. Go to for instructions on how to submit the form.

What if I don't submit the Student Consent to Release Information form?

If you do not authorize someone to have access to your records, USF will not disclose any information to them. This means that your spouse or parents will not be able to call USF to find out information about your financial aid or balance even if they are helping you pay your tuition.

Additional Questions?

Office of the University Registrar, Lone Mountain, Room 217
2800 Turk St, San Francisco, CA 94118
Tel: (415) 422-7260, Fax: (415) 422-6329
Email:, Web:

Graduate students enrolled in MAPL who do not reside in USF-operating housing will NOT be automatically charged and enrolled in the USF sponsored health insurance. No action is needed at this time.

Voluntary Enrollment:
If you would like to enroll in USF’s student health insurance, domestic graduate students registered for under 6 credit hours and graduate students enrolled in an online degree program are eligible to voluntarily purchase the plan online by visiting

For more information, visit HPS's insurance information page.

MAPL offers a variety of scholarships to eligible students. You are under consideration for these scholarships at the time of your application to MAPL. Please refer to your welcome letter from Program Manager Madeline Meininger for more information on your eligibility for scholarships.

If you haven’t taken any MAPL courses for a semester or more, your profile in myUSF and Banner is converted to “inactive” status. Please contact Program Manager Madeline Meininger to start the process to get your profile changed to “student” status.

There could be several reasons why your payment from the VA hasn’t been processed. 

  • You have not submitted your Request for Certification Form for this term. This form must be submitted every Fall, Spring, and Summer in which you are taking classes.
  • You have not yet registered for classes.
  • VA delays in housing payment processing.

If you have registered for classes and filled out the request for certification form but still have concerns, please contact the USF Veterans Office at

Yes, please schedule an appointment to speak with Program Manager Madeline Meininger about your options.

You must file a Leave of Absence form with the University. Graduate students who choose to absent themselves from the university without filing a Leave of Absence form will be withdrawn for lack of attendance during the first semester of absence (not including summer and intersession, except for programs in which these terms are required). When a student returns and wishes to re-enroll in courses, he or she must reapply for the school or college by contacting the appropriate Dean’s Office. The exception to this process is for graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences who must reapply directly to the appropriate program director.

Students receiving federal financial aid in the semester that they take a leave of absence will be considered to have withdrawn from the university. The enrollment change will be reported to the federal Department of Education and can affect the start of federal loan repayment. Additional information is available on the Financial Aid website.

Candidates applying for the conferral of a graduate degree should file the online Graduation Application form in the term preceding the final semester of registration for degree requirements and within the time limitation for degree completion.
The Application for Graduation form is available online at and is valid for three consecutive semesters, beginning with that listed on the application; after this period, a new application must be submitted.