For Veterans

To use your GI Bill, Please submit a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and DD214 via the Certification Request Form. Please redact your SSN prior to sending in the DD214. We also accept screenshots of’s eligibility page in lieu of the COE.

Each term you’ll also need to fill out this form to initiate your certification. Please select Main Campus (Hilltop) on the form. You should also update your program and place of training with the VA.

You can update your certificate of eligibility. Please complete the DD 22-1995. The certifying officer will need a copy of your statement of benefits and your DD 14 in order to certify your claim with the VA. You can find a statement of benefits by going to eligibility page and then clicking on “View and Print Statement of Benefits”

If you need help updating your certificate of eligibility, you can contact or visit their website.