USF Co-Curricular Program Reviews

Program reviews of Co-curricular units are essential to the institution's assessment process. These Co-curricular and/or service units use data and other evidence to support key administrative functions and processes (e.g., effectiveness, quality and efficiency). For Co-curricular program review reports click on the tab below and follow the links provided under each tab.

Co-curricular Program Review Guidelines
Co-curricular Program Review Schedule

Academic & Enrollment Services

Academic & Enrollment ServicesLink to Program Review Guidelines
Academic & Enrollment ServicesLink to Financial Profiles
Academic & Enrollment ServicesService Units Program Reviews
Financial Aid Office2006-2007
Executive Summary
Self Study
Undergraduate Admissions2007-2008
Executive Summary
Self Study
Web Services2007-2008
Executive Summary
Self Study


University AdvancementLink to Program Review Guidelines
University AdvancementLink to Financial Profiles
University AdvancementService Units Program Reviews
Regional Council Self Study

Information Technology Services

Information Technology ServicesLink to Program Review Guidelines
Information Technology ServicesLink to Financial Profiles
Information Technology ServicesService Units Program Reviews
Help Desk, Desktop Support, and Desktop Engineering 2007 Self Study

International Student and Scholar Services


Gleeson LibraryLink to Program Review Guidelines
Gleeson LibraryLink to Financial Profiles
Gleeson LibraryService Units Program Reviews
Library Instruction 2007 Self Study

Student Life

University LifeLink to Program Review Guidelines
University LifeLink to Financial Profiles
University LifeCo-Curricular Program Reviews
Career Services CenterExecutive SummarySelf Study
Center for Academic and Student AchievementSelf Study
Counseling and Psychological ServicesExecutive SummarySelf Study
Health Promotion ServicesExecutive SummarySelf Study
Housing and Residence LifeExecutive SummarySelf Study
International Student ServicesExecutive SummarySelf Study
Multicultural Student ServicesExecutive SummarySelf Study
Office of Student Conduct, Rights & ResponsibilitiesExecutive SummarySelf Study
Recreational Sports - KoretExecutive SummarySelf Study
Student Leadership and EngagementExecutive SummarySelf Study

University Ministry

University MinistryLink to Program Review Guidelines
University MinistryLink to Financial Profiles
University MinistryCo-Curricular Program Reviews
University MinistryExecutive SummarySelf Study

Office of Assessment and Accreditation Support

Shirley McGuire, PhD
Senior Vice Provost of Academic Affairs

Deborah L. Panter, JD
Director of Educational Effectiveness and Assessment

Kevin A. McLemore, PhD
Associate Director of Assessment

Shelly A. Helgeson, MPA
Assistant Director of Curriculum Management

Marisa C. McCarthy, MA
Project Manager