Corey Kowalczyke

Corey Kowalczyke

Program Assistant

University of San Francisco | BA, International Studies 

Favorite Places in the City
24th Street Mission District, Russian/Nob Hill (where you can see the water, and the Bay Bridge!), Outer Richmond Clement Street, Any grassy area with dogs! 

Hobbies and Interests
Finding new places to eat and hang out with friends! Music, reading, and exploring the Bay Area with my dog, Nacho

First internship/job
My first real job was working at a Starbucks in the Fillmore District of San Francisco. The 4:30 am shifts were brutal, but I was always caffeinated. 

Best piece of career advice I received
If you do not sustain yourself, in taking care of your whole self (emotional, physical, spiritual), then you cannot sustain the work you do. If we wish to be present in our work, we must take care of ourselves and listen to our hearts, mind, and body.

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