Jumpstart Your Path

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain

Incoming students!  Are you:

  • Torn between two majors?
  • Undeclared or unsure?
  • Feeling pressured to choose the best major?
  • Wondering which minors complement your major?

RSVP for an incoming student webinar here:

Jumpstart Your Path Webinar #1 - Thurs. June 27th - 2-3 pm Pacific DST

Jumpstart Your Path Webinar #2 - Tues. August 13th - 2-3 pm Pacific DST

You are welcome to join for both webinars but the main content of each will be the same. There will be opportunity for Q&A in each session. You can still register and enter once the call has started, but capacity is limited to 100 people / call.

If capacity has been reached when you try to register or if you are unavailable during both webinar times, contact us at exploreyourpathusfca@gmail.com for assistance. We can help make alternative arrangements for you!

In these webinars, we will:

  • Introduce you to several CASA academic success coaches and explain how CASA can support you in your exploration process.
  • Provide an overview of the Explore Your Path portal and other online resources you can use to guide your major and career exploration.
  • Describe how USF's pre-health advisor can help you prepare for medical, dental, and other pre-professional health programs regardless of your major.
  • Share three key steps you can take before school starts to find the best majors and minors for you!