How to Declare Your Major or Minor

Just do it!


When you have decided which major(s) and minor(s) and concentration(s) if applicable that you would like to choose, here is what you need to do next to officially declare them:

  1. Contact the department offering the program you are interested in. Let them know you are interested in moving into their program and ask them what they'd suggest as next steps.  Ask when and how you will assigned an official faculty adviser in the new program. 
  2. Find out any eligibility requirements you must meet (e.g. passing PSYC 101 with a C or higher, filling out an application with the Kinesiology dept., getting on  a Design waitlist) in order to declare the new program.  Note - Psychology has a large number of majors, so they have a unique process for joining their program - see this Declare Psychology page for more information.
  3. With the department's help, find out which classes you need to take to work towards completion of the new program.  They might have you meet with the program assistant, a faculty adviser, a peer adviser, or go to group advising.  If it is close to registration time, ask them if they can remove your advising hold and/or manually override any major restrictions that might prevent you from adding the necessary classes for next semester.  Make sure to note who you met with and when because you will need to enter that into the change of program form in Step 4.
  4. Once you have met any eligibility requirements, fill out this online change of program form to drop your current major and add the new major of interest. Note: if you wish to add a new minor, special program, or certificate program, you will have to fill out the form a second time.