Additional Resources

If you are looking additional resources and ideas to assist you in your exploration, check out these pages:

Also, here are some other ideas to consider if you are seeking more help with your exploration process.

  • The Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA) has a frequently asked questions page that answers questions about majors and academic coaching and advising.
  • Visit this checklist to determine what steps you should be taking each year to work towards your career goals!
  • Sign Up for INTD 053 Exploring Majors and Careers (1 cr.) or INTD 059 Listen to Your Life (2 cr.). Both courses give you course credit and instruction on choosing a major and career. Look for them under the subject Interdisciplinary Studies in the Class Schedule and Sign up!
  • Attend the Major / Minor Fair in Gleeson Plaza to meet with representatives from various USF academic programs. The fair is typically held the Thursday of the third week of October. In 2020, it will be on Thursday, October 22nd from 11:45 a.m.–12:45 p.m. in Gleeson Plaza.
  • Schedule an appointment with your CASA academic success coach. He or she can help you clarify where you are in the exploration process and give you individualized guidance on what to try next.
  • Go on Handshake or call 415-422-6216 to make an appointment with a career counselor for help with career and major exploration.