Create Your Personal Brand

Use these extra resources to help you develop your personal brand and prepare to launch yourself in the real world.

  • Discover and Market Your Personal Brand
    This presentation explains why it is important to develop your personal brand and describes how to create yours. No accessible version available.
  • The Brand Called You
    This classic article from Fast Company explains why you need to take charge and be the "CEO of Me, Inc." It also gives suggestions for how to do just that.
  • Resumes and Cover Letters

    This USF Career Services site has samples of resumes, cover letters, thank you notes, and lists of references.

  • William Arruda, Personal Branding Expert

    This best-selling author and Forbes magazine contributor has written several books on personal branding. He also frequently posts tips about maximizing your digital presence on LinkedIn.

  • Create a Professional Portfolio and Showcase Your Work on LinkedIn

    This presentation highlights how to create a portfolio on your profile to highlight your work. This can be particularly helpful in fields like Advertising, Design, and Visual Arts. No accessible version available.