What We Do

Our office strives to support students by helping them navigate their college experience and achieve academic success. Your CASA academic success coach is a part of "Your Success Team" who works in collaboration with your faculty/major adviser and other offices to holistically support your development.

CASA Academic Success Coach and Faculty Adviser guiding toward academic success


Here is how your Success Team supports you:

Academic Success Coach (That's us!)

  • Connect you to the resources on campus
  • Provide registration assistance (e.g. troubleshooting holds, registration errors, adding yourself to a course waitlist)
  • Help you explore majors and minors
  • Help you develop good academic skills (with referrals to other campus resources as appropriate)
  • Discuss academic options (e.g., leave of absence, withdrawal, dropping classes, incomplete grades, double majoring or adding a minor)

Faculty/Major Adviser (Your Major Department)

  • Advise you on classes to take next semester
  • Develop a graduation plan with you
  • Discuss internship, graduate programs, and career options after graduation