Academic Success Coaching

What is Academic Success Coaching?

Academic success coaching at USF refers to a collaborative and personalized approach to helping students achieve their academic and personal goals. An academic success coach helps students develop skills and habits that contribute to college success, including goal setting, time management, learning strategies, and self-advocacy. Through ongoing support, the coach helps students build resilience and a connection between education and their lives.


Chart showing three approaches (Jesuit Holistic Approach, Developmental Advising Model, Coaching Model) that informs the CASA model and five different ways that the CASA model supports students (help students develop skills and strengths; cultivate problem-solving resilience; understand academic policies and procedures; plan next steps to reach goals; provide ongoing support and guidance).


We seek to develop students' ability to:

  • Set up goals
  • Review multiple options and action plans
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Advocate for support and resources
  • Gain necessary skills that help students succeed in college and beyond