Our Commitment

Uncompromising, undeterred, unbiased — the University of San Francisco is committed to helping undocumented students bolster their future as citizens of the world.

We're speaking out for students who are inspired to change the world from here.

Task Force to Support Undocumented Students Statement

Undocumented students face a host of unique barriers to enrolling and graduating from college, including financial, academic, legal, social, emotional, and spiritual challenges. The Task Force seeks to truly assess the needs of this population and how best we faculty, staff, and administration can support these students not only in meeting the requirements for graduation but also in their developing their whole selves. Drawing on the tradition of Ignatian spirituality, we at USF have a responsibility to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all of our students and an assessment of this particular student population is critical to those efforts.

USF Statement

"As a Jesuit institution of higher learning, like many Jesuit projects for the past four and a half centuries, we like to stand with our two feet straddling frontiers and boundaries: between faith and reason, between charity and justice, between the past and the future, and always, between cultures and countries. We have a long tradition of the service of faith, constituent to which is the quest for justice, improving social structures so that it is easier for people to glimpse the divine within the mundane. Providing an education to students who are the descendants of immigrants from long ago alongside students who come to USF from abroad to study is a great example of this Jesuit preference. So too is our practice of educating 'DREAMers,' students who themselves stand with one foot each in two worlds, though often precariously."

USF President, Paul J. Fitzgerald, S.J

Association of Jesuit College and Universities (AJCU) Statement

First, that Catholic Social Teaching is clear in its insistence that every human person deserves dignity and opportunity to better one's state in life. 

Second, we recognize that the history of Jesuit institutions of higher education in this country is inextricably linked to first- and second-generation immigrant populations.

Lastly, we continue to affirm that Jesuit colleges and universities are morally committed environment, where our students are inspired and encouraged to understand and address issues of justice, fairness, political involvement, and a preferential option for those whom society has marginalized. We will continue to support our students -- both documented citizens and not -- as full members of our campus communities and of society at large, where their voices and personal narratives deserve to be acknowledged. 

Download the full statement and signatories at the following link: AJCU President's Statement PDF