UndocuAlly Directory

The following faculty and administrators are dedicated to helping undocumented students navigate the university. Whether a current or prospective student, these individuals are a great resource for you to ask questions and seek support. Rest assured, they will handle your personal inquiry with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Working Group to Support Undocumented Students (WGSUS)

Higher Education and Student Affairs
Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales (Co-Chair)
Associate Professor
Email: gnegrongonzales@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-5741

Office of Undergraduate Admission
Arnoldo Valdivieso-Martinez (Co-Chair)
Admission Counselor
Email: avaldiviesomartinez@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-6563

School of Law 
Stephanie H Carlos 
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Email: shcarlos@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-6304

Center for Academic and Student Achievement
Daniel Cordial
Academic Success Coach
Email: dhcordial@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-6695

Center for Academic and Student Achievement
Simon M. Flores     
Associate Dean for Retention and Persistence Programs
Email: smflores@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-6841

Center for Academic and Student Achievement 
Ester Marquez Perez 
Program Director, First-Generation Initiatives & Academic Success Coach
Email: emarquezperez@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-2986

Counseling & Psychological Services
Al Meza    
Email: meza@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-6352

Campus Contacts

University Ministry (SOE)
Luis Bazan
Associate Director
Email: lebazan@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-2708

School of Education Admissions 
Nicole Cuadro (SOE)
Admissions & Outreach Director
Email: ncuadro@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-2107

Founding Director of the Immigration 
Deportation Defense Clinic and Dean's Circle Scholar 

Bill Ong Hing (Law)
Email: bhing@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-4475

Martín-Baró Scholars Scholars Program
David Holler
Email: dholler@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-5995 

Change Institute
Robert Just
Program Director
Email: rejust@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-7256

Chicanx-Latinx & Critical Diversity Studies 
Christina Garcia Lopez
Program Director
Email: cglopez3@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-4749

Office of Undergraduate Admission
Stephanie Ortiz-Garcia 
Admissions Counselor (TFSUS)
Email: sortiz@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-2471

Student Financial Services
Lori Prince 
Director of Financial Aid
Email: lprince2@usfca.edu 
Telephone: (415) 422-3387

Immigration Law (Law)
Director, Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic
Jacqueline Brown Scott
Associate Professor
Email: jmbrown@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-3330

Gender and Sexuality Center 
Dan Perez-Sornia
Assistant Director
Email: djperezsornia@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-2848

Financial Aid 
Angelika Williams (SONHP)
Assistant Vice Provost
Email: awilliams21@usfca.edu
Telephone: (415) 422-2620