Tom Merrell, Chair
Assistant Dean and Director Student Disability Services

Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi, Founder
Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer

John Bansavich, Member
Adjunct Faculty; DTTL Program Coordinator Part-time Faculty

Marisol Castro, Member

Nicole Cuadro, Member
Distance Learning Program Administrator School of Nursing and Health Professions

Rocelyn Dacre, Member

Ria DasGupta, Member
Diversity Engagement Program Manager Committee Co-Chair

Erin Elgersma, Member

Amy Gilgan, Member
Reference Librarian | Liaison to the School of Education 

Nick Kebbas, Member

Lisa Klope, Member
Associate Director, Admission Communication and Outreach School of Education

Angie Portacio, Member

Joanna Villegas, Member
HESA Graduate Intern

Susan Zolezzi, Member
Associate Director of Instructional Design