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To display your event on the university calendar , when requesting space in EMS, you must answer "yes" to the question, "would you like this published on the USF Calendar?" Doing so will send basic details of your event (event name, date, time, room, contact person, group) to the calendaring system in Drupal as a pending event. Most departments/divisions have a Calendar Manager who has access to add further details to the event, such as an event description and photos. Once the Calendar Manager updates the pending event with these details, s/he can approve the event to actually show on the USF Calendar, as well as tag the event to appear on your department's website, if applicable.

Additionally, you can advertise Off-Campus Events and Deadlines via the USF Calendar. Just choose the template "Calendar Posts for Off-Campus Events and Deadlines" in

If you need further assistance with the university calendaring system, please contact Office of Marketing Communications at

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