Residence Hall Closing Information

New Virtual Checkout Process


If you are checking out after 8PM beginning TODAY March 20th this is the new virtual checkout process for ALL RESIDENTIAL HALLS:

  • Go to front desk of your respective residential hall and scan the QR code for the new Spring Moveout Form

  • You must remove all items from your assigned room.

Requiring a 3rd party to move out your items

If you are absolutely unable to retrieve your items and move out of your assigned room and require someone else to do so, you must email asking for permission for a 3rd party to pick up your items.


Your email must:

1. Give consent for a third party to enter your room to pick up your belongings. 

2. Include the person's full name.

3. State date and time of requested retrieval.

On Campus Stay Extension Request

Students can apply for an extension to move out or to stay in student housing through the end of the spring semester only if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • A student who faces housing insecurity (homelessness or a precarious living situation);

  • A student who faces financial insecurity;

  • A student with existing health conditions that would be impacted by travel;

  • A student previously certified “independent for the purposes of financial aid”;

  • A student whose home is in an area with extremely limited internet connectivity;

  • An international student may fall into any of the categories above. Other criteria for international students include those:

    • Who have immigration, travel, and/or visa restrictions;

    • Whose home is in a country currently designated at a CDC Level 2 or 3;

  • A student with any other extenuating circumstance that warrants review.

Those who do NOT complete the form will have their access terminated at noon on March 21st. 

Those who applied and were DENIED will have their access terminated at noon on March 24th. 

Please note that this form was required even if you filled out the form sent out on March 11th.


Room Checklist 


Make sure all of the following are completed prior to the LAST person departing:

  • All of your personal belongings are removed.

  • All of your personal decorations are off of the walls, windows, doors and mirrors.

  • All food is removed.

  • All trash everywhere is taken out.

  • Close and secure all windows; leave window blinds pulled up.

  • Turn off overhead light.

  • All surfaces cleared and wiped down.

  • If you have a Collegiate Concepts rented micro fridge, please unplug and defrost 48 hrs prior to your move out.


The front desks are closed until further notice. We will no longer be accepting any mail and or packages to campus until further notice. Please clear out your mailbox when you leave campus. If you wish to have your mail forwarded, please fill out this form (except in Loyola Village). 

Loyola Village residents may go to the USPS site to complete a mail-forwarding form. Loyola Village mail is managed by USPS. 

Mail forwarding processes for all buildings other than Loyola Village will begin when university operations resume regular business.

SHaRE will send notice out to anyone who has an unclaimed package with further information about pick up opportunities. If you have any urgent, timely concerns about your mail or package, please email


Off Campus Options

If you choose to stay in San Francisco and are in need of immediate off campus housing.  

  1. Visit for available room/apartment options

  2. Post your need on OCL’s Instagram account at @usfcaoffcampus

  3. If you find housing; create a subletting agreement stating the date of move in and move out, rent payment, deposit amount ( if any). Both  you and the current resident should sign this agreement and be in full agreement.

  4. Contact OCL at for questions or help

  5. If are looking for off campus  housing at a later date or for Fall 2020 date continue to follow @usfcaoffcampus for information and updates