Move-in Information for Continuing Students, Fall 2023


Dear residents, 

On behalf of the entire University community, welcome back to the University of San Francisco! We have been busy planning for your arrival and look forward to greeting you on your move-in day!


This letter contains important information about our move-in process and on-campus assignment so please read it carefully.

Please make sure to review your roommate information in USFRooms as you may have received a new roommate.


Given our urban environment, we provide students with time slots and guide students directly to their residence hall to check in. Again, please follow the arrival instructions in the attached map and please arrive as close to your time slot provided in your move-in email as possible. Those arriving via taxi/ride-share will be able to arrive directly to their residence hall for drop off. If taking a taxi/ride-share please set the address to your residence hall. 


Move-In Tips

  • Given our urban environment, traffic patterns can be challenging. Please be prepared to possibly wait in line. We appreciate your patience.
  • NO Trailers or over-sized vehicles (including rooftop carriers) are permitted within the move-in areas. Please keep this in mind when you are packing and traveling to USF.
  • There will be many students moving in this Fall. We provide a limited number of carts so, in many cases, you may need to wait. You may bring your own dolly to unload your belongings.
  • Remember to ensure your USF Mobile OneCard is set up before your Move-in date. If you are assigned to Toler Hall or the Loyola Village Townhouses, you will be provided with a Residential Access Card (RAC) that will serve as your form of access to your building/room. In the event you lose your RAC, you are required to get a replacement card and will be charged a $20 replacement fee.


Specific Move-in Information (personal vehicles)

  • Please follow the move-in map to campus and to your specific hall to designated unload zones. 
  • Students will check-in directly at their residence hall and move-in bins will be available to check out to assist with 
  • When your vehicle is unloaded into bins please relocate the vehicle to designated long-term parking while someone stays with the items and takes them to your room. 



If you are assigned to a space in a residence hall besides Lone Mountain East and Loyola Village/Loyola Village Townhouses and are interested in having a MicroFridge in your room, the University of San Francisco has approved the MicroFridge® rental program offered by Collegiate Concepts, Inc.(CCI) The MicroFridge® unit consists of a microwave oven and refrigerator with a separate freezer, all in one integrated unit.  Please Note: Microfridges are not allowed in Lone Mountain East and Loyola Village apartments as there is a full-size refrigerator in each apartment kitchen


For details and to reserve your MicroFridge unit, please go to CCI’s website:


Mailing Address

Your residence hall mailing address will be based on your assigned building. Please be sure to send all mail to the correct mailing address.  The mailing addresses are listed below:


  • Fromm Hall: 2497 Golden Gate Avenue Room # (your room number), San Francisco, CA 94118
  • Gillson Hall: 2325 Golden Gate Avenue Room # (your room number), San Francisco, CA 94118
  • Hayes-Healy: 2305 Golden Gate Avenue Room # (your room number), San Francisco, CA 94118
  • Lone Mountain and Pacific Wing (please note that this is your MAILING ADDRESS and not the drop-off location): 330 Parker Avenue Room # (your room number), San Francisco, CA 94118
  • Lone Mountain, East (the first digit of your room number) : 
    • Building 1: 2500 Turk Blvd Room #, San Francisco, CA, 94118
    • Building 2: 2550 Turk Blvd Room #, San Francisco, CA, 94118
  • Toler Hall: 2345 Golden Gate Avenue Room # (your room number), San Francisco, CA 94118
  • Loyola Village Building A: 331 Anza St. Room # (your room number), San Francisco, CA 94118
  • Loyola Village Building B: 341 Anza St. Room # (your room number), San Francisco, CA 94118
  • Loyola Village Townhouses: Townhouse # Anza Street, San Francisco, CA 94118 (i.e. if you live in Townhouse 367 your address is 367 Anza Street, San Francisco, CA 94118)
  • Fulton House: There will be no mail service in this facility. Occupants must secure their own mail service through an off-site service provider (US Post Office, UPS Store, etc.)
  • Fulton Flats and St. Anne’s: A separate notice will be sent to you regarding mail instructions for your assignment. 


Directions to USF

We encourage you to utilize a GPS system to arrive on campus. You can also find step-by-step directions should you need help with navigating the directions.


We thoroughly look forward to welcoming you back on campus! If you have questions prior to move-in day, please contact 415-422-6824 or email us at


Safe travels,

Torry Brouillard-Bruce, M.Ed.

Senior Director, Student Housing

University of San Francisco