Meal Plans

Flexi Meal Plan

Students who live on campus (with the exception of St. Anne's, Fulton Flats, and Fulton House), are required to purchase a Meal Plan. Students who have Flexi accounts may use their One Cards to purchase their meals on campus. For more information regarding maintaining and using the Flexi Meal Plan, please visit the One Card website.

Purchasing the Meal Plan

Students living in the residence halls who require the meal plan will be automatically signed up for their respective building's Meal Plan. Visit the Room and Board Rates webpage for the rates. 

The Flexi Standard Meal Plans are required for students who live in Hayes-Healy, Gillson, Toler, Fromm, Lone Mountain North, and Pacific Wing residence halls.

The Flexi Apartment meal plan is required for Loyola Village, Loyola Village Townhouse and Lone Mountain East.

Purchase of the meal plan is not required for residents of St. Anne's, Fulton House, or Fulton Flats residence halls. Residential students who are interested in opting in to a meal plan can contact Student Housing via email at

Students who are not required to purchase the meal plan are able to use Dons Dollars when dining on campus. 

Changes to Meal Plans

Any request for meal plan modifications must be made within the first 30 calendar days of any term.

SNAP/CalFresh Benefits

Some students on campus meal plans may be eligible for SNAP/CalFresh benefits. Those seeking documentation and confirmation of existing meal plan for SNAP/CalFresh applications may contact

Dining On Campus

Want to know where you can eat on campus? Here are the cafes spread throughout the USF campus where students may pay using their Flexi Meal Plans. For more information regarding hours of operation and daily recipes, visit the Bon Appetit website

Cafe Location
The Market Cafe University Center, 2nd Floor
Outtahere Cafe University Center, 1st Floor
The Grind Up University Center, 1st Floor
The Grind Down at Crossroads University Center, 1st Floor
Club Ed Cafe Education Building, Basement Level
Law Cafe Kendrick Law School
Lone Mountain Cafe Lone Mountain North, 1st Floor

Meal Plan Reduction Requests

Mandatory, Flexi Meal Plans are only reduced in unique cases.  Students wishing to request a meal plan reduction may do so by the process below.  Your request must be based on either medical needs or dietary/cultural considerations. Please note that, should a meal plan reduction be granted, it will not release you of any other obligations as agreed to in the housing contract.

To request a meal plan reduction:

  • First register your case and the reason for your request (medical or dietary/cultural) by emailing
  • Option 1:  If your request is based on a disability or disabling condition, you should simultaneously contact Student Disability Services (SDS) directly at (415) 422-2613, or visit their webpage. An SDS specialist will ask you to provide documentation and work with you to determine if an accommodation is appropriate. If appropriate, SDS will communicate their decision to you and Bon Appetit. If approved, the accommodation will be granted.  If denied, a representative from Bon Appetit will meet with you to discuss how you can best utilize your meal plan given your needs.
  • Option 2:  If your request is dietary or culturally based, after you register, Bon Appétit will contact you to set up an appointment to review your case. In advance of the meeting, please visit the Bon Appétit website to review the many menu options.  A Bon Appetit staff member will assist in designing a suitable menu program that fits your needs.
  • Appeals:   If you feel that your needs have not been met through this process or are not satisfied with the decision or solution offered, you can begin an appeal by re-registering your case at Specify that your request is an appeal and provide your concerns and any additional information not previously submitted for the review. 

Questions regarding this process can be addressed to