St. Anne's Community

Housing for Law School Students

Physical Address: 1330 14th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122 (Please do not send or receive any mail or packages at this address.)

While most graduate and law school students live off campus, a new USF residential option for priority use by law students opened in fall 2017.

View a virtual tour of a St. Anne's single room, a St. Anne's double room, and a St. Anne's bathroom!

St. Anne's Community

The St. Anne's residence hall consists of two floors housing approximately 45 students, most in single rooms. All rooms differ slightly in size, but are within the parameters of a single. There is a central kitchen and large lounge area. Each floor includes communal, co-ed bathrooms and laundry facilities.  St. Anne’s does not have a front desk. 

St. Anne's is located at 1330 14th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, between Irving and Judah, on the St. Anne of the Sunset Church and School site. It is 1.9 miles from campus, which is just a 35-min walk or a 20-minute bus ride away. This unique partnership with the parish opens two fully renovated floors of a St. Anne's building to exclusive use as USF law student housing, complete with a dedicated entrance. The residence is located in the Inner Sunset neighborhood, a vibrant community with shops and restaurants in immediate proximity. In order to avoid impacting neighborhood parking, students living at St. Anne's may not have a car for use or parking in the neighborhood. There is convenient public transportation available between the neighborhood and campus. 



The Inner Sunset perfectly balances city living and suburban charm on the border of Golden Gate Park. Combined with the neighboring Outer Sunset, the entire Sunset District forms the largest and most populous neighborhood in all of San Francisco. Its distinct multicultural flavor, excellent amenities, superb walkability, and proximity to the Pacific Ocean attract a diverse mix of families, young professionals, surfers, and more.

Irving Street and 9th Avenue are the Inner Sunset’s main commercial drags, home to locally owned restaurants, diners, cafes, shops, and bars that impart the neighborhood with an around-the-world flavor. Tucked between a mix of yoga studios, flower shops, boutiques, and bookstores are favorites like no-frills San Tung – beloved not just in the Inner Sunset, but by the entire Bay Area for its noodles and other specialties.

The Inner Sunset is also home to plentiful parks, culture, and open space. Bordering massive Golden Gate Park and the Haight-Ashbury – the former home to institutions like the de Young Museum and the California Academy of Sciences, plus acres of outdoor attractions and picnic space; the latter the epicenter of the 1960s counterculture – Inner Sunset residents also enjoy Grand View Park and Sunset Heights Park, with fantastic views of San Francisco, the Bay, and the Pacific Ocean. 


In order to avoid impacting neighborhood parking, students living at St. Anne's may not have a car for use or parking in the neighborhood. There is convenient public transportation available between the neighborhood and campus.

Please be advised that graduate students are not provided with MUNI passes. All graduate students will need to purchase their own public transportation/MUNI monthly passes through the City of San Francisco. MUNI is not operated by the University.

University Shuttle is a free service provided by the University Public Safety. Its primary purpose is to provide safe transportation to classes, on-campus locations, and off-campus residences within the boundaries of the service - only when no other means of transportation is available.  It is not a taxi service.  It does not go directly to St. Anne's and does not run regularly, as a MUNI bus would. For more information on the University Shuttle and how it operates, please the USF Shuttle Services page.

NO packages will be accepted at St. Anne’s Residence Hall. There is no front desk available to accept packages. Therefore, visit the UPS store at 1032 Irving Street, (415) 566-2660, to complete a package agreement. All packages are accepted, except postal.  Please note that the UPS does charge $5 per package. Packages would be sent to the below address:




No, St. Anne's does not have mail/package services. Upon receiving your housing assignment, Student Housing will notify you of mail/package services arranged for all St. Anne's residents at the local UPS Store.

St. Anne’s residents are not required to purchase a meal plan, and therefore are not assigned a meal plan.  However, if you are interested in purchasing one, please contact Student Housing for assistance. For more information on the different types of meal plan, please visit the Meal Plans page.

The common area is a space designed to promote community through shared study space and a shared kitchen. As it is a shared space, we again ask for courtesy of your community members. Note: During the designated 1L exam times, the social lounge is converted to individual and cohort study session space.

The kitchen is furnished with built-in stove, fridges, oven,  microwaves, etc. However, residents are expected to bring their own kitchen and cooking utensils (pots, pans, bowls, plates, eating utensils, etc.).

All laundry rooms utilize the latest technology in laundry services. The laundry rooms are located on both floors, and all machines for washing and drying clothes are free to use. However, residents need to provide their own soap and should not leave their laundry unattended.

Yes, there is a communal bathroom on each floor.  The bathrooms feature private showers, bathroom stalls, and sinks.  An ADA bathroom is also available on each floor. The St. Anne's bathrooms are not separated by gender, and all of them are co-ed.

Bicycles should only be parked in the designated communal area (close to the kitchen) on a first-come, first-served basis. Otherwise, they need to be stored in your assigned room. The University reserves the right to remove bicycles blocking the entry or exit of any building and to impound motorcycles found in any University operated housing facility.

No, St. Anne's does not have any front desk.

Yes, because this is a living and and learning community, we do uphold a quiet hour policy: 10pm to 8am Sunday through Thursday, and 12am to 8am on Friday and Saturday evenings. During final exam times, a strict 24-hour study policy is enforced.

As it is not possible for a staff member of USF to be at the hall 100% of the time, we refer to the phrase “if you see something, say something.” If you find an above reasonable noise level or encounter disrespect in some way, we ask that you approach the situation with clarity and respectfully ask that this behavior cease. You may always contact the Resident Advisors to facilitate a mediation between you and the other party.

Twin XL beds are in each room. All rooms are provided with a desk and chair, and also have an overhead light and closet space.

St. Anne’s features mostly single rooms, along with 3 double rooms. Single rooms slightly vary in size.

Yes, alcoholic beverages may ONLY be consumed by residents and their guests who are 21 years of age or older (see Fogcutter for further information). Any person under the age of 21 who is in possession of alcohol, or is in a room where alcohol is present, will be assumed to have been consuming alcohol, as it is difficult to determine who was drinking and who was not. Consumption may not occur outside in visible view of neighbors, and noise policy is enforced both in and out of St. Anne’s.

According to the USF Residential Policies, animals are not permitted in University-operated housing, with the exception of freshwater fish with a 10-gallon tank (1 per room). Service and assistance animals must be approved by the Student Disability Services (SDS) office prior to their arrival in the residence hall. Students must also maintain compliance with the SDS Service Animal Policy.

Smoking any tobacco products, including vaping, is prohibited in the SA residence building, as well as within the SA property and St. Anne’s Parish (15 feet minimum). Note, there is a primary school adjacent to the USF/SA property, so we are asking that you please refrain from smoking outside near the playground when school is in session. Marijuana is illegal to smoke, obtain, or possess on SA property (see Fogcutter for further information).