Spring Wellness Review 2018

Go Save

A favorite among employees, Go Save returned again this March to promote financial wellness. Representatives from USF’s employee assistance program, CONCERN EAP, and retirement plan providers, TIAA and Fidelity, presented at various seminars to demonstrate how saving a little now can make a big difference later.

Go Green

Respect and care for the Earth are core values embedded into USF’s mission. These values are reflected in how we live, learn, volunteer, and lead. For the second year in a row, GoUSF partnered with the Office of Sustainability this April to offer Go Green programming, which focuses on environmental wellness.

  • Walk to USF Day: In honor of national walk to work day on April 7, employees were encouraged to walk to work to help reduce carbon emissions, get fit, and avoid the traffic jams.
  • Leadership Walk: Craig Petersen, Director of Operations for Facilities Management, guided a walk around lower campus which culminated a visit to the University’s bee hive.
  • Being Green at USF Workshop: Richard Hsu, USF’s office of sustainability manager, discussed sustainable living and how it can improve quality of life, health, and finances.
  • Earth Day at USF and Farm Stand: GoUSF represented at USF’s annual Earth Day celebration in addition to attending monthly farm stand hosted by the USF Community Garden.

Presidio 10 Race

Over 130 employees and their family members participated in the Presidio 10 Race, a favorite among GoUSF enthusiasts for the past six years. With ideal running weather, a GoUSF tent with the golden gate bridge backdrop and plenty of colleagues to meet and greet, GoUSF was a force to be reckoned with. We proudly wore our GoUSF t-shirts as we cheered for our colleagues.

Go Write

In partnership with Gleeson Library and the Rhetorical/Language department, GoUSF offered a series of writing workshops that focused on enhancing emotional wellness. Taking a digital detox and learning how handwriting and other traditional forms of communication can improve your overall health and well-being! Events included the Go Write Challenge that focused on journaling and gratitude, the kick-off and letter writing campaign, and workshops led by USF's Rhetoric department faculty and Concern EAP representatives.

Aging Adult Seminars

For the first time, GoUSF offered additional programming that focused on caring with compassion for aging adults. Concern led 3 workshops which focused on caring for the older loved ones in our lives. These proved to be beneficial and well attended (8-20 participants). If there is interest, GoUSF will start a support group to help our employees discuss the difficulties and successes of caring for an older person in our lives.

Weight Watchers Discount

GoUSF announced a new and improved partnership with Weight Watchers this May! As a full-time, benefits-eligible faculty or staff member, you can join a program of your choice for 50 percent off the regular membership price — a discount that you will receive immediately upon registration. USF will subsidize half of the cost, so reimbursement forms will no longer be required! Additionally, the discount applies to multiple programs, including one for those with Type 2 Diabetes and one that is fully online.

How to sign up »

Tuesday Trek

GoUSF is on the move. We’re working with our 101 howard crew to get them moving at lunch. We’ve been enjoying monthly lunchtime walks down the embarcadero to the ball park. All are invited for this invigorating social hour. Stay on the look out for the next one.