Compensation Information: OPEIU Employees

This web page contains information on the job classifications of Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) employees. For information about pay rate and performance reviews, refer to the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

Job Classification Descriptions and Levels

Before posting job descriptions for recruitment, Human Resources must review all new position descriptions, changed position descriptions, and those that have not been reviewed within the last two years. As a result of its evaluation, Human Resources will assign an OPEIU classification level to the position as noted in the tables below. For the detailed job description guidelines, please review the job family documents.

Effective JUNE 1, 2024

Classification Minimum Hire-in Rate Minimum After Probationary Rate
Office Assistant Job Family    
Office Assistant I     $31.26 $32.82
Office Assistant II $31.26 $32.82
Office Assistant III $31.26 $32.82
Office Assistant IV $31.26 $32.82
Office Assistant V $31.26 $32.82
Office Assistant VI $31.26 $32.82
Office Assistant VII $31.26 $32.82
Office Assistant VIII $31.26 $32.82
Program Assistant Job Family    
Program Assistant I $31.26 $32.82
Program Assistant II $31.26 $32.82
Program Assistant III $31.26 $32.82
Program Assistant IV $31.26 $32.82
Program Assistant V       $31.26 $32.82
Library Assistant Job Family    
Library Assistant I $31.26 $32.82
Library Assistant II $31.26 $32.82
Library Assistant III $31.26 $32.82
Library Assistant IV $31.26 $32.82
Library Assistant V $31.26 $32.82
Accountant Assistant Job Family    
Accountant Assistant I $31.26 $32.82
Accountant Assistant II $31.26 $32.82
Accountant Assistant III $31.26 $32.82
Accountant Assistant IV        $31.26 $32.82
Accountant Assistant V   $31.26 $32.82