Total Compensation Statement

Total compensation statements for benefits-eligible, full-time faculty and staff are available for viewing in USFWorks within the Pay worklet. For more information about eligibility to receive total compensation statements, please review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a total compensation statement? A total compensation statement is a statement compiled by Human Resources for full-time faculty and staff that summarizes the total value of their compensation from the University of San Francisco, including salary, benefits, time off, and more.
  2. Who is eligible to receive total compensation statements?  Total compensation statements are available to benefits-eligible, full-time faculty and staff.
  3. How is the total compensation statement useful to me? The total compensation statement is a personalized overview of your annual base salary, benefits used, time off, and more as of the last day of each calendar year. Rather than visit several websites to gather information about the value of your salary and other pay, health care plans, retirement plans, time off, and other benefits, the total compensation statement compiles and presents all of the data in one format.
  4. How do I view my statement?
    There are no total compensation statements available for 2018. You will be notified each year when your next statement is available in USFWorks. 
    View your 2017 statement
    View your 2016 statement 
    Please contact Human Resources at if you have further questions.
  5. How was the data compiled for the total compensation statement? Human Resources worked closely with several other departments and offices at the University to compile accurate, relevant data for each employee’s total compensation statement. Such sources include salary, time off, and other employee data, benefits information, retirement savings data from your retirement plan providers, tuition remission data from Human Resources, and other benefits reimbursements processed and tracked internally by Human Resources.
  6. Who can I contact if I have questions about my statement? Please contact Human Resources at