Go Move Challenge Week Two Summary

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Results continue to be impressive. A total of 20 Jesuit institutions are participating, more than 3,600 participants have accumulated in excess of 1,300,000 minutes of activity – and it’s growing by the minute.

Rockhurst University
Rockhurst University, Kansas City, Missouri

Rockhurst University

“For Valentine’s Day we had folks ‘Show some love and get moving!’ lunchtime event. Our Advancement and Public Relations Marketing departments have started a weekly group exercise at lunch session, held every Monday, since we launched the Go Move Challenge. We’re very excited to get our faculty and staff out and moving,” says Challenge Administrator, Jenny Brychta.

Regis University

Challenge Administrator, Jena Viesselmann says, “Here at Regis we have a lot of faculty and staff coming in and doing our classes during the noon hour. In one of our classes we had to do circuits because we were running out of equipment and our cycle instructor had to give up her bike to help accommodate all the faculty and staff wanting to attend! Our Pilates class continues to grow as well, and in all these classes there are new faces that were not coming before the challenge. Our faculty and staff wellness program has also grown in size thanks to people signing up for the go move challenge. The challenge is part of one of our wellness steps for this semester in the program, so the challenge has really helped us engage more faculty and staff on campus.”

Spring Hill College

“You can earn Go Move minutes at all of the Mardi Gras parades since the downtown ones started rolling last Friday. Mardi Gras Day is, conveniently, Feb. 28 this year. Hoofing it up and down the streets before and after the parade, and jumping and stretching for beads, stuffed animals, Moonpies, etc., that’s definitely some cardio workout,” says Challenge Administrator Patricia Davis.


“Gonzaga is making it happen --rain, snow or shine. Despite the freezing cold weather in Spokane, Gonzaga employees are finding creative ways to move. Our lunchtime yoga class is a hit, our running club goes out on runs two times a week, and shoveling snow is a GREAT workout. With 354 employees participating in Go Move, the energy on campus is high. Go Zags!,” says one of Gonzaga’s challenge administrators, Paige Powers.

Marquette University

Challenge Administrator Kristin Kipp says, “We have our activity calendar again, so we've filled the month with free activities. Many employees are enrolled in our onsite fitness classes as well, so they have access to about 15 classes a week. Our group activities have been small, but it seems many people are tracking on their own. Indoor walking routes are also provided, in times that it may be too cold or snowy outdoors.”

Creighton University

“We hosted a Go Move Get ACTIVE Event last week,” Challenge Administrator Amber Benda reported “Employees were invited to come to the campus recreation facility and get active during their lunch hour. We had group fitness demos including yoga, body weight blast, cycling, and barre classes. We also held a group walk, and had games of Horse, Knockout, and volleyball. The event was a huge success, even though the campus was blasted with a snowstorm that morning. One employee said, ‘The Go Move Get Active event was so much fun. I love being able to see different employees from around campus that I normally don’t get to see and talk to!’ Another commented, ‘Being able to try out the group fitness classes was so much fun and it was a great event to do with my co-workers.’”

University of San Francisco

USF’s Challenge Administrator Suzy Kisylia says, “We strive to offer something for everyone, including swim clinics, belly dancing, fitness walks, weekly runs, faculty and staff yoga, and even an ROTC bootcamp. The fitness walks are a way to earn minutes and meet colleagues, as well as a great way to see our campus. Planned walks include leadership walks, the bell tower tour, the hidden stairs walk, and a sacred spaces walk.”

All participants are encouraged to post photos and comments on the Go Move Challenge Facebook Group and Instagram pages. 

Keep moving and tracking. Two more weeks to go!

Find the week one summary here.

For more information contact the Go Move Challenge administrator, Suzy Kisylia, skisylia@usfca.edu.

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Regis cyclists
Regis University, Denver, Colorado
Creighton walkers
Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska
Sacramento campus usf
Sacramento Campus, University of San Francisco, Sacramento, California
Marquette University
Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
USF rotc
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California