American Heart Association Recognition

The University of San Francisco has been recognized by the American Heart Association since 2013 for its leadership in and commitment to workplace wellness. Although the criteria for the awards have changed through the years, one thing remains consistent: the University is at the forefront of supporting wellness at work for faculty and staff, and GoUSF  (USF's employee wellness program) is an integral part of that effort!

The University has been recognized by the AHA with the following awards throughout the years:

  • 2022 Gold AHA Index Award
  • 2021 Silver AHA Index Award
  • 2020 Silver AHA Index Award
  • 2019: Silver AHA Index Award
  • 2018: Gold AHA Index Award
  • 2017: Silver AHA Index Award
  • 2016: Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite Award
  • 2015: Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite Award and Innovation Award
  • 2014: Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite and Innovation Award
  • 2013: Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite Award