Go Create: Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness is defined as "recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills." An intellectually well person actively challenges mental growth and stimulation, is involved in intellectual and cultural activities and is engaged in the exploration of new ideas and understandings.  To help encourage intellectual wellness development this month, we are offering weekly Go Create classes, listed below or a printable version. Consider joining the Go Read Challenge to track your reading which helps keep the brain sharp.

Event Description Location Date Time Link
Art Hour Zoom Wednesdays 11am-12pm  
Card Making 101 Zoom Recording June 2 1-1:30pm  
Knit Wits Zoom Recording June 4 12-1pm  
Secret Life of Bees Zoom Recording June 9 11am-12pm Password 7l?356&9
Game Hour Zoom June 16 12-1pm Meeting ID: 966 2461 3160
Cooking in a Snap Zoom June 25 12-1pm Meeting ID: 968 1704 9304
Zine Making Zoom June 30 12-1pm Meeting ID: 911 4015 4482