What Counts As Physical Activity

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The Centers for Disease and Prevention recommends moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least 30 minutes on most days of the week to stay healthy and prevent disease. The Go Dons Get Fit Challenge has been designed to encourage participants to move and achieve this goal.

While health experts recognize cardio-respiratory fitness to be the most important component of physical fitness to prevent heart disease (and several other diseases), optimum health also includes training for muscle fitness and flexibility.

The GDGF Challenge encourages all kinds of healthy physical activity. So, what counts when you're submitting your minutes for the challenge? While Cross Fit and marathon training both certainly count, you don't have to go that hard to see health improvements from physical activity or to add minutes to your GDGF numbers. Below are some guidelines about what does and doesn't count in the various areas of physical activity.


Type of PA What counts What doesn't count
Cardio PA

Moderate to vigorous aerobic activity like brisk walking, interval training, active sports (tennis, basketball, etc),
playing golf (if you walk the course), trail hiking, mountain biking

Slow walking like shopping at the grocery store, bowling, playing golf (if you are not walking the course), watching sports on tv
Strength Training PA Lifting weights or using weight machines, working out with exercise bands, using body weight for strength routine Lifting a drink, working at your standing desk
Flexibility PA Stretching, flexibility exercises, yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates  Stretching out on the couch


What's Most Important! Stay active and have fun. Remember, the more you move now has great benefits, but even greater benefits for the future you. Enjoy this challenge and let it inspire you to move more.