Interview How To's

This training is required for anyone who is involved in the pre-employment/hiring process at USF. The HR Hiring Guidelines training will guide you in making the best hiring decisions possible and support your compliance with USF's vision, mission, and values, policy and procedures, and the employment laws that govern the university's recruitment and hiring activities. 

  • The course is available through your USFWorks home page; click on your apps menu and choose Learning.
  • The course consists of a participant guide, training video, and acknowledgment survey.
  • Review the job aid to learn how to navigate the Learning app and sign up for the course. 

Tips for a more efficient and effective candidate search so you don’t lose great candidates to competitors and close your vacancies more quickly.

What's a behavioral interview question and what is the advantage to using this type of interview technique? Review the Behavioral Interview Questions guide to learn more.

The goal during an interview is to get the best responses out of a candidate to obtain a well-rounded view of the candidate. Learn more about this technique.

Interview Ground Rules – Legal Considerations When Conducting an Interview