Resources for Managers

To assist you with your supervising responsibilities, please explore these resources for managers:

Quick Links Description
Onboarding New Employees Reviewing USF's new-hire resources and policies to help facilitate a seamless transition for new employees.
Benefits Explore USF's 25+ benefits.
Compensation Learn more about USF's compensation philosophy, pay policies, job descriptions, and performance appraisal process.
Total Compensation Statement  These personalized statements summarizing the total value of your compensation from USF include a consolidated view of salary, benefits, time off, and more.
Learning and Development Discover learning opportunities, including workshops and online programs, in addition to required training for faculty and staff.
Performance Management and Appraisals Learn more about USF's performance management program and the formal performance appraisal.
Policies and Procedures Read all of HR's policies and procedures for employment, workplace conduct, compensation, and more.
Time Off, Leaves, Accommodations Gain a better understanding of applicable laws,
employees’ rights, and the employer’s responsibilities.
Work-Related Injury Learn more about your role in reporting workers' compensation issues.
Checklist: Separations Review the required actions necessary for employee separations.
Checklist: New / Transfer Employees                                      Review the required actions necessary for onboarding new employees or facilitating employee transfers.