Form I-9 for Remote Hires Policy

Effective Date August 7, 2014
Last Updated September 25, 2016
Responsible University Officer Martha Peugh-Wade, Associate Vice President, Compliance
Policy Owner Diane Nelson, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
Policy Contacts Human Resources

Policy Statement

All employees hired by the University of San Francisco (USF) who work in the United States must complete the Form I-9 and present eligibility documents to their employer in person on or before their first day of employment. However, not all USF employees physically work or reside near the USF main campus or additional campuses or locations. Therefore, this Policy covers the procedures for processing, reviewing and recording Form I-9s and related documents for remote hire employees.

Reason for Policy

USF has adopted this policy to comply with federal law. The Immigration Reform and Control Act requires all United States employers to verify the employment eligibility and identity of all employees hired to work in the United States. To implement this law, employers are required to complete the Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form) for all employees, including citizens of the United States. All new employees are required to present original, unexpired employment eligibility documents in person as described in the "List of Acceptable Documents" page of the Form I-9 instructions.

Who Should Read this Policy

Any employee who is responsible for hiring faculty and staff, especially those who will not be working or residing near the USF main campus or additional campuses or locations, as well as business officers and supervisors.

Policy Text

The University may hire an employee who will not physically work or reside near the USF main campus or additional campus locations. Therefore, the remote hire employee will not be able to present employment eligibility documents to an office at USF for inspection. When hiring a remote hire employee, all USF departments must adhere to the following special procedures to comply with employment eligibility verification.


  1. The hiring department must contact Human Resources as soon as an employment offer is made to communicate that a remote hire employee will need special accommodations to have their eligibility for employment verified.
  2. Human Resources will assist the hiring department in locating an authorized HR representative near the remote hire employee’s location to assist with completing the Form I-9.
  3. The remote hire employee must contact the authorized HR representative to make an appointment to meet in person and complete the Form I-9 on or before their first day of employment.
  4. During the meeting, the following steps must take place:
    a. The remote hire employee will present original, unexpired employment eligibility document(s) to the authorized HR representative.
    b. The authorized HR representative will inspect the document(s) and complete Section 2 of the Form I-9.
    c. The authorized HR representative will fax a copy of the Form I-9 and supporting documents, as well as mail the original, completed Form I-9 and copies of the identity documents via certified mail or FedEx, to Human Resources at USF.

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Remote hire employee:  An employee hired by the University who does not physically work or reside near the USF main campus or additional campuses or locations.

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Please see Procedures section.


May all new hires ask HR for assistance with locating an authorized representative? No. Only remote hire employees who will not physically work or reside near the USF main campus or additional campuses or locations will be accommodated with off-campus assistance for completing the Form I-9.
Can our new hire seek services from a notary instead of an authorized HR representative? No. A majority of notaries are not trained to complete the Form I-9.