Retirees' Email Address Retention Policy

After retiring from the University, faculty and staff may retain access to University email according to the following protocols:

  • Full-time faculty may retain their existing email address.
  • Full-time staff may retain their existing email address. It is recommended that staff set their email to auto-reply for the first month after retiring and include a message regarding a current point of contact at the University for work-related matters.
  • Staff who are also alumni of the University will automatically receive a new University email address from ITS.

For assistance or questions regarding the automatic assignment of a new University email address, please contact ITS. If you have questions about this policy, please contact Human Resources at (415) 422-6707.

Using the University's electronic communication systems is a revocable privilege. Users must adhere to applicable University policies and procedures for ITS and Human Resources at all times when accessing University email.

Using and/or accessing University email without proper authorization is prohibited. Retained and assigned email addresses are not to be shared. Each email address user is solely responsible for all functions performed. In appropriate circumstances, the University reserves the right to review and/or monitor emails sent or received through its network, at its sole discretion.