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To promote a safe and healthy learning and work environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors and to reduce the health risks associated with tobacco smoke, the University of San Francisco is a smoke-free campus.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the boundaries of University-owned or leased property and vehicles with the exception of one designated smoking area on lower campus: the far end of Welch Field by Fulton Street. After a transition period of one year, this designated area will be re-evaluated as the campus transitions toward a completely smoke-free environment in 2017. The existing prohibition on the sale and promotion of tobacco products on the campus continues.

The University’s Smoke-Free Campus policy is in compliance with state and local laws generally prohibiting smoking in buildings and within 30 feet of building entrances/exits.

The implementation of this policy is augmented by an education and awareness campaign that may include but not be limited to:

  • Notification of the smoke-free policy to prospective students and staff/faculty hires.
  • Informational meetings, postings and e-mail notifications. - Publication in staff/faculty human resources manuals, student Fogcutter handbook, and appropriate web sites.
  • Educational campaigns employing students and staff/faculty.
  • Ongoing smoking cessation programs.

In support of this policy, clear signage regarding the smoke-free policy and designated area should be posted throughout the campus. Supervisory personnel are responsible for implementation of this policy in their areas and addressing problems through the existing administrative structure. Student violations will be handled through the existing Student Conduct Rights and Responsibilities process.

To facilitate the transition to a smoke-free environment and lifestyle, Smoking Cessation Resources are provided by the University for:

  • Students - Provided by the Health Promotion Services
  • Staff/Faculty - Provided by Well Life Program