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The vision of Human Resources is to be a leader and partner in moving USF forward as a world-class Jesuit Catholic university.


The mission of Human Resources is to strategically partner with USF colleges and divisions to provide optimal services, aligned with best practices, to support and enhance the University’s vision, mission, and values. Human Resources supports the University in all personnel-related matters, providing a solid foundation for employees so that they may fulfill their responsibilities in support of the University’s mission.


To accomplish its mission, Human Resources has five over-arching goals:

  • Customer Service
    Human Resources will partner with customers to provide the services and products they need to achieve their goals in support of the University’s vision, mission, and values.
  • Technology Infrastructure Support
    Human Resources will leverage technology to provide essential services and information to University employees and applicants.
  • Recruitment
    Human Resources will assist hiring departments in adhering to best practices for identifying and recruiting a highly-qualified, diverse pool of candidates using the most effective and efficient methodologies.
  • Retention
    Through its benefits, compensation, services, and programs, Human Resources will help retain the University’s diverse employees who support and enhance the University’s mission.
  • Professional Development
    Human Resources will provide accessible and applicable learning opportunities for employees.