Global Experiences (Short-term)

When the heart is touched by direct experience, the mind may be challenged to change.

-- Peter Hans Kolvenbach

Video Transcript

The Global Immersions Programs engage the USF community in the pursuit of justice through opportunities through dynamic experiences, depth of thought, imagination and spiritual reflection.  At its center, all Global Immersions have the Jesuits Mission of Social Justice, focused on academic and mindful growth. 

USF offers many opportunities to travel and study abroad for a short period of time through global immersions.  All programs are designed to help you understand cultural differences and to prepare you to live and work in a multicultural world. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to shape a humane and just world: the essence of a USF education. 

Some of the programs are credit-free, but in general, when you take part in these programs, credits count toward graduation.  Other than tuition charges and/or program fees you are responsible for your personal expenses (travel, housing, meals, visas, supplemental health insurance, etc.).  Financial aid does not apply, but we are happy to help you figure out financial aid.   

The programs we offer are:

  • Global Seminars: Working with the Deans and Faculty from each school (Nursing, Education, Management Schools and the College of Arts & Sciences), we facilitate international service and internship programs.  Global Seminars are led by a faculty member and usually are linked to a class. Learn more about Global Seminars. 
  • Arrupe Immersions: Provide undergraduate students, with short-term opportunities to live, work, and reflect in a socioeconomic environment that is different from their own and to begin asking difficult questions. Organized by the University Ministry. Offered in spring intersession and spring break.  Learn more about Arrupe Immersions.
  • Erasmus Communities: We plan the culmination two-week immersion to marginalized regions, where students have the opportunity to dialogue with people working in direct service roles.