Student Employment

The university participates in the Federal Work Study Program funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education.

The university also offers regular non-work study employment funded directly from the department for which students are employed. There is no differential of pay rate, hours, or benefits between work study and non-work study.

Work Study Application

All full-time law students are subject to the law school requirement that outside work is limited to 20 hours per week while enrolled in classes.  Students confirm their compliance with this regulation by completing each semester's registration as a full-time student.

Federal Work Study is a federally funded need-based program. Federal Work Study funds are not available to first year students. Due to limited Federal Work Study funds, continuing law students who wish to be considered for Federal Work Study funds must submit a FAFSA application by March 2 and indicate interest in such funds on the FAFSA application. Law students who submit a FAFSA application after this date will not be considered for any Federal Work Study funds. The maximum amount of work study awarded each academic year is $5,000.

Federal Work Study funds can be used in either on-campus employment or off-campus employment. Off-campus employers must be a public agency or private nonprofit agency approved by the university and must have a work study contract with the university. A list of university approved agencies is available through the law school's Office of Financial Aid or the USF Student Employment Office at Lone Mountain campus, room 202.

Law students can also submit a request to have an off-campus public agency or private nonprofit agency approved for the Federal Work Study program if they are not currently on the university approved list. Please contact the law school's financial aid office or the USF Student Employment Office for more information.

The Federal Work Study funds for on- and off-campus employment pay 70 percent of the student salary and the employer pays the remaining 30 percent. However, a FWS award represents a student's gross earning limit over the course of the award year in an approved FWS position.   The first day of the fall or spring academic term is the first day students in an authorized work-study employment position can expect to begin earning an accepted Federal Work Study award. 

Federal Work Study is available only for the fall and spring semesters.

Summer Federal Work Study funding is determined annually by the university in early April prior to the summer session and is not guaranteed. If Summer Federal Work Study funding is available, employment is available only through university approved off-campus agencies and is typically available beginning July 1. Law students should be aware that Federal Work Study funds will not pay for any summer hours worked prior to July 1 even if it is at an approved agency.

Find our Information on Federal Work Study and employment requirements at our Student Employment site