Speaking Center Workshops

USF faculty may request one of the following workshops to be held in their classroom using our workshop request form. If there are any questions, please contact Dr. Philip Choong, the Speaking Center Director, at pchoong@usfca.edu.


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Public Speaking 101

Public Speaking 101 is an interactive presentation/workshop that helps the listener refresh and review strategies for effective public speaking. We review the staples of public speaking: content, arrangement, and delivery. We discuss how to stay message-focused and audience-centered, tips to minimize speaking anxiety and increase speaker confidence, review visual aid strategies, and discuss successful group presentation strategies. The focus is on extemporaneous speaking. This presentation is valuable for classes that have a presentation as an assignment but is not the focus of the class. Examples: BUS 304, RHET 110, 120, 310, and many others. 50 minutes.

Visual Aid Presentation

This presentation will overview the value of visual aids in a presentation. The workshop focuses on teaching students how to use technology in their presentations to communicate their ideas more effectively. Students will be shown good practices for creating a visual presentation as well as learn common techniques to make their presentations stand out. This Workshop is suitable for any class that requires visual aids for presentations. 50 minutes.

Group Presentation Workshop

Working in groups can be a difficult task, but presenting as a group can even be harder. The presentation/workshop helps students discover the value of presenting in a group. We review some strategies for overall effective public speaking and then we look specifically at the advantages and disadvantages of group presenting. Finishing with some best practices and tips for presenting well together as a group. 30 minutes.

Delivery Workshop

This presentation outlines the four basic modes of delivery and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. We review delivery tips and the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication. The main focus of this workshop is to use an impromptu activity that improves the flow and natural speaking ability of extemporaneous delivery. This workshop is suitable for any public speaking class, or any class that has presentations. 30 minutes or 50 minutes.

Speech Organization Presentation

Organization is the fundamental tool in transforming a mere idea into an intelligible message. To aid in developing the ability to present well-reasoned, thesis-driven speeches, this presentation provides an overview of three common outlines and their respective purposes before introducing a ten-step approach to the effective construction and organization of an oral argument. The methodology is paralleled by an example speech, intended to demonstrate proper application of the process. Audience members are then invited to participate in crafting the body of the speech to practice employing the skills. Students can expect to glean general organizational tips, as well as more formal procedural information for how to construct an oral presentation. 50 minutes.

Credibility Workshop

This presentation analyzes the importance and influence of credibility. The workshop will outline ways to enhance credibility through manner, research, and oral citations. Students will learn to distinguish reliable sources and present their findings with simple, direct, and comprehensible oral citations. The workshop includes an interactive activity that allows students to practice organizing and delivering oral citations. 50 minutes.

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