Assurance of Learning (AoL) Committee

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Scope of Responsibilities

AoL committee members are the school representatives for assurance of learning activities whose disciplines span all curriculum areas. The members work with faculty, chairs and program directors to create the measuring instruments, collect assessment data, meet with their faculty to discuss the data, and suggest actions to improve student learning. The AoL Committee comes together 1-3 times per year to review and make recommendations regarding LOs, rubrics, and reports.

Throughout semester the AoL Committee:

  • Works on assessment activities when scheduled including data collection, assisting other faculty with development of measuring instruments and rubrics.
  • Reviews and updates curriculum maps as needed.
  • Reviews completed reports from all curriculum areas and programs via google docs and provides commentary and discussion points as needed. AoL staff will review suggested actions with program directors before publishing finalized report to myUSF.

End of Semester Meeting Activity List:

  • Report evaluation/approval
  • Assessment Plan for Coming Year
  • Identify faculty who will collect assessment data
  • Learning Outcome Review
  • Rubric Review
  • Loop Closing Activity Review.

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AoL Committee Meeting Minutes

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