Western Addition History and Resources

If you have a class or group that is interested in a community walk, please contact Amelia McKenna at ammkenna@usfca.edu

The Western Addition and the University of San Francisco are deeply interconnected, not just geographically, but through history and intergenerational relationships. As the City’s first university we are uniquely situated to address issues related to the poverty and inequality in the Western Addition, and we do this work in partnership with residents and service providers to address a lack of access to high quality, affordable housing, healthcare, and education. This initiative draws upon the history of community engagement at the University of San Francisco and recognizes the unique potential of working with residents to achieve community-identified goals.

Gleeson Library Western Addition Resource page- Thanks to Carol Spector, USF reference librarian, for creating this Western Addition resource page. If you have additions or correction, please email Karin Cotterman, Director of Engage San Francisco kmcotterman@usfca.edu

Western Addition by the Numbers (Based on 2010 Census)

  • 20,532 residents

  • 17.9% African American (compared with 5.8% for San Francisco as a whole- this has decreased in the past 5 years.)

  • 80% renters

  • 75% of households have incomes of $25,000 or less

  • 15.2% of adults 25 and over have a 9th grade education or less