Community Research Collaborative

The Community Research Collaborative is a partnership between the McCarthy Center, Collective Impact, and Rise for Racial Justice that provides Black San Franciscans the research opportunity to study endemic racism and the pathways to improve social and economic outcomes through anti-racist education and research training. The CRC originated the Community Activists Researcher Fellowship through Rise for Racial Justice to identify and enact community research projects that address community-identified needs. 

Rise for Racial Justice from USF's School of Education teaches three courses to Black San Franciscan adults interested in researching issues in their communities. The Community Activists Researcher Fellowship includes the following courses: 

  • How to Talk About Race: This introduction to race theory acquaints researchers with critical terminology valuable for researching race, racism, and anti-racism. Researchers study four levels of racism -- internalized, interpersonal, cultural, and institutional -- along with standard processes for facilitating dialogue. Researchers heard from guest speakers from USF and the University of Maryland, including James Taylor and Quincy Mills. 
  • Race Theory: An intermediate course on the core tenets of critical race theory, including intersectionality, whiteness as property, racial identity development, interest convergence, and racial capitalism. Guest speakers included Pamela Organista-Balls, Candice Harrison, and Quincy Mills from the University of Maryland and USF. 
  • Community Activist Research: An intermediate course on community activist research methodologies encompassing participatory activist research methodologies, popular education methodology, and autoethnographic methodologies. 

For resources on anti-racism, please visit the Rise for Racial Justice resource page