Emergency Operations Plan

The purpose of the University of San Francisco Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is to describe the authority, responsibility, functions, and operations of the University of San Francisco (USF) as related to emergency mitigation, training, preparedness, response, and recovery. This plan is designed using an all-hazards approach with the intention of providing the basis to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of USF during any type of incident. It is intended to be a "living" document that will be constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing environment at USF. The primary objectives of this EOP are to:

  • Contribute to the protection of life, property, and the environment
  • Contribute to the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors
  • Minimize the disruption of university operations and activities
  • Effectively manage the response operations to an emergency which affects USF
  • Effectively work with internal stakeholders and external partners during emergency operations
  • Restore the university to normal operations as quickly as possible


The Emergency Operations Plan applies to all USF personnel and all buildings, grounds, and properties owned and operated by the university at its main San Francisco campus. This plan addresses coordination and management of emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation operations and various emergency functions carried out by identified divisions, departments, and offices.

The concepts in this plan may be applied to any incident on campus that impacts the health, safety, or security of students, faculty, staff, or visitors. As USF is vulnerable to a variety of both natural and man-made hazards, this plan takes an all-hazards approach.

The University of San Francisco celebrates and embraces the diversity and individual differences of the members of the university community - to include students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Some members of the USF community have functional and access needs which may require certain accommodations and assistance in the event of an incident on campus. The university, specifically individual divisions, departments, and offices, will plan for individuals with access and functional needs in terms of emergency mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery operations.

The Emergency Operations Plan was developed by the Office of Campus Resilience in collaboration with key university stakeholders and representatives. All stakeholders identified the importance of training and exercising to the plan to maintain the campus community's overall readiness and capabilities. Training and exercising the plan also helps validate the plans and procedures and identify strengths and any areas for improvement, and to prepare the community to respond to any real-world incidents. The Office of Campus Resilience will be responsible for conducting training and exercising on a regular basis and will ensure that this training reaches a wide ranging audience of the USF community.

This plan complies with the State of California's Standardized Emergency Management System and meets or exceeds all standards set by the California Emergency Services Act.

Since events during an emergency or disaster are not predictable, this emergency operations plan will serve as a guide. On-scene judgement, based on actual circumstances, must be the final guide for protecting lives, property, and the environment.